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Synthetic cannabinoids schedule

The bill adds 26 synthetic cannabinoids and cathinones to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act for the time being (CSA). It also increased from 18 to 36 months the maximum timeframe for which the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) can administratively schedule drugs under its emergency scheduling power.

What is JWH-018?

JWH-018 is a derivative of the synthetic cannabinoid phenethylamine 1-(1,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-ethylamphetamine (PCE), often called ‘angel dust’ and ‘ice’. It is usually sold as a white crystalline powder (see image below) that comes in various plastic and glass containers.

The packaging often has warning labels warning of its use by minors, so make sure to check the ingredients before you take it. JWH-018 typically comes in doses of 1-4mg which you should take with caution due to its potency. JWH-018 commonly shows up on the illegal drug markets due to its comparatively high potency. In 2007, JWH-018 started appearing as a research chemical in the American underground research chemical scene due to its potency.

What is the effect of JWH-018?

Despite what some users may claim, users of JWH-018 consistently report an increase in energy, increased libido, and an increase in sexual appetite when compared to the use of THC and other cannabinoids (Perry et al., 2003). JWH-018 has been found to have higher amounts of the chemical 7-OH-THC than other cannabinoids.

This probably explains why JWH-018 has been increasingly associated with crimes of rape and murder (Washington Post, 2004). A study that examined a non-medical synthetic cannabinoid called ‘” JWH-018” was conducted at the University of Maryland. Researchers did not know exactly what they were dealing with when they began the study. The first thing that they noticed was a difference between the effects of JWH-018 and THC.

What Are Cannabinoids?

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