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Synthetic cannabinoids and psychosis

The connection between cannabis and psychosis is gaining popularity. Acute psychosis linked with cannabis intoxication, acute psychosis that lasts longer than the duration of acute intoxication, and persistent psychosis not time-locked to exposure is the three different connections between cannabis usage and psychosis. Synthetic cannabinoids and psychos

Cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and synthetic cannabinoids reliably cause transitory positive, negative, and cognitive effects in healthy individuals, according to research. According to case studies, cannabis can cause acute psychosis that lasts longer than the acute intoxication phase and can last up to a month.

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Synthetic cannabinoids products have grown in popularity as misused narcotics in several nations during the last decade. The SCs have a wide range of effects on psychological and physiological processes (e.g., mood, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis). The impact of SCs on psychotic symptoms in clinical settings, as well as the possibly relevant chemistry and mechanisms of action for SCs, are discussed in this review. Synthetic cannabinoids and psychos

Psychotic symptoms, including new-onset psychosis and psychotic relapses, have been described after ingesting SC products. SCs play a more complicated function in psychosis than any one chemical component could possibly explain, and these effects may not be a simple extension of the normal effects.

Synthetic cannabinoids and psychos