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Synthetic cannabinoids and acute kidney injury

Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) have emerged as drugs of abuse with increasing popularity among young adults. The potential renal complication related to the abuse of SC was not recognized until recently. Here, we present a case of severe acute kidney injury (AKI) that developed after inhalation of SC in an otherwise healthy young patient.

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Synthetic cannabinoids (SCs) have become popular among young adults as a recreational substance. It wasn’t until lately that the possible renal consequence of SC misuse was discovered. We describe a case of severe acute kidney damage (AKI) in a young child who was otherwise healthy after inhaling SC. A kidney biopsy indicated significant acute tubular necrosis, but with supportive treatment, the kidney function was restored. In this paper, we detail the only two prior studies (a total of 21 cases) on the link between SC usage and renal impairment, as well as the similar threads that run through all of them.

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