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JWH-018 Reddit

Synthetic cannabinoids are often sold in alternative or “legal” dispensaries that sell “safe” and “legal” pot that is often more dangerous to people who take them. Many of these products are made in labs and distributed to a variety of different retailers, manufacturers, and dealers.

What is JWH-018

1-Pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole is a pentyl-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole (also called AM-678 and JWH-018) Organic scientist John W. Huffman was the first to synthesis [1][2], a complete agonist synthetic cannabis. It rose to prominence in late 2008 after German chemists discovered it as a component in the popular synthetic cannabis blend Spice, which had been distributed in a variety of nations since 2002.

To produce a speedy onset of effects and a quick offset, cannabinoids are typically smoked or vaporized. When JWH-018 is dissolved in a lipid, it becomes orally active, which can significantly extend the duration. It is insoluble in water, like other cannabinoids, but dissolves in ethanol and lipids.

Synthetic cannabinoids, unlike cannabis, have been linked to several deaths as well as more hazardous side effects and toxicity in general.

JWH-018 is a legal and illegal drug

While the products are sometimes sold online for a lower price, the same products may be purchased at your local “legal” marijuana stores for a much higher price. This is because many of these stores don’t really care what they are selling. Is JWH-018 “Still In All Drug Tests?”

JWH-018, also known as Naphthalen-1-yl-(1-pentylindol-3-yl)methanone, is a cannabinoid with a substituted indole structure. Other cannabinoid substances that share this indole core include PB-22, 5F-PB-22, JWH-018, and AM2201. JWH-018 has a pentyl chain substituted at R1. Furthermore, at R3, the indole core is substituted with a carbonyl group that is also bonded to a napthalene moiety. Napthalene is a bicyclic compound made up of two fused benzene rings. JWH-018 is classified as a ketone due to its carbonyl bridge. JWH-018 is a THJ-018 analog in which the core indazole structure is replaced with an indole base.

As you may have already guessed, JWH-018 does still appear in most drug tests. The short answer is yes. The more thorough answer is yes in two different ways.jwh-018 reddit


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How To Make Jwh-018 Spray

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How To Make Jwh-018 Spray Last week it was reported that a synthetic cannabinoid compound called JWH 018 is sold in the United States as an anxiolytic for medicinal purposes. The substance “JWH-018” is used to help people get marijuana – similar to high without testing positive for naturally occurring THC. A synthetic cannabinoid, controlled […]

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What is Jwh-018

What is Jwh-018

What is JWH-018 ? |JWH 018 for sale |  Everything you need to know about JWH-018 JWH 018 powder is a synthetic cannabinoid that was first created by organic chemist John W. Huffman in 2008. It gained popularity in 2009 when German chemists found it as a chemical within the popular synthetic cannabis blend Spice. […]

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