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How To Extract Jwh-018 From Bonsai Fertilizer: The Simplest, Easiest Recipe

This article will show you how to extract JWH-018 from bonsai fertilizer. Bonsai fertilizer is an amazing product for feeding your bonsai tree. It contains the perfect mix of minerals and nutrients that make it an excellent organic fertilizer. Buy JWH-018 from Rcchemsupply.com What’s more, it’s very affordable and easy to use. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to extract JWH-018 from bonsai fertilizer. If you’ve been looking for a way to use this product, this is it!

The Recipe

Here is the recipe I used to extract JWH-018: 2:00 PM: Blend two and a half tablespoons of bonsai fertilizer (It might be a little more or a little less) 2:30 PM: Put the liquid fertilizer back into the jar. 4:00 PM: Put two tablespoons of Methylated spirits, also called Midori. This is the same alcohol used in shochu and it’s strong. It will taste strong, so don’t try and drink it. 4:30 PM: Put the liquid back into the jar. This should be enough JWH-018 to kill an elephant. These chemicals are very potent and should be treated with caution. Make sure you’re not standing too close to the tree when you’re using it! You’ll notice that the JWH-018 has already been dissolved in the mixture. The compound does not remain unchanged in this liquid.

Tools and Materials

Organic Potting Soil – 5-10 lbs. and Freezer Sets – 10 lbs. or more. Your Bonsai’s Shade -A small concrete block or a tree sapling. Spring Water (or other homemade mineral water) Mason Jar -Smooth bottom and thick sidewalls. Large mason jar filled with the bonsai soil Large Rubber Band Large Piece of Paper (Plastic or Paper) – For Bonsai Scissors Sharp Scissors 15% Lysol 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda Whole Lye (Lye is a strong acid, it is used to break down lye) Chopstick Mixing Container – Sake Can Large Rubber Band Whole Lye 5-10 % Arsenic & 10-15% Calcium Nitrate – Get 10% Calcium Nitrate at your local kitchen store Allspice Rubbing Alcohol Procedure The first thing to do is to break the seal of the container. Buy JWH-018 online

Instructions for Extraction

For this extraction procedure, you’ll need 1 pound of bonsai fertilizer. You will want to use a high-powered pair of sterile gloves to prevent bacterial growth. Take the high-powered pair of sterile gloves and thoroughly wash them with soap and hot water. Wash your hands with soap and hot water. Dispose of the dirty gloves. Do not reuse them. Carry the clean pair of gloves into your home and wash them. Wash them thoroughly. It’s important that the gloves are washed thoroughly. After washing the gloves thoroughly, dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. Remove your dirty pair of gloves and place them on a plate to allow them to dry. Place the new pair of clean gloves over the clean ones on the plate. Take the new pair of gloves and put them on your hands.

How to extract jwh-018 from bonsai fertilizer

Tips and Tricks

Bonsai fertilizer and JWH-018 aren’t the best companions. There is a slight chance that bonsai fertilizer could actually be adding toxic elements to your bonsai tree. So please be careful when using it. The best way to apply bonsai fertilizer is with a blending tool. So what is JWH-018? JWH-018 is a brand name of a synthetic psychoactive drug that can be bought on the dark web. This drug is produced illegally in the lab and is now a prime target for regulation. Since JWH-018 can be produced on-site, a person can still own or purchase it over the internet. Is JWH-018 illegal? The drug was originally banned in the US in the 90s. Since then, two lab accidents have allowed them to be made again. More recently, it was banned in Switzerland as of January 2015.

What is JWH-018?

JWH-018 is known as the N15 derivative of the synthetic cannabinoid, JWH-073. The two are quite different. On the one hand, JWH-073 is designed to stimulate the release of natural cannabinoids in the human body. This is accomplished by linking hydroxyl groups to benzene rings in the compound. The compound is water-soluble and is considered an irritant by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). On the other hand, N15 derivatives do not have to be linked to a benzene ring. Instead, they are ringless synthetic cannabinoids. This means that they are not psychoactive, and as such, are not subject to government regulation. The N15 derivative is called JWH-018 because it was first synthesized in 1997 by a group at the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Bonsai Fertilizer and Extracting JWH-018

Before we start, I just want to point out that the extraction of JWH-018 from your bonsai fertilizer is a complete pain. It is a long, tedious, and difficult process. Because it is such a hassle, many bonsai enthusiasts just avoid doing it. JWH-018 Is A Highly Indoor Chemical You see, JWH-018 is a highly active and addictive substance. Its primary use is as an inhaled hallucinogen that is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. JWH-018 has similar effects to marijuana and it’s popularly used in the smoking of hashish or getting high. The majority of JWH-018 is produced by two domestic organizations: Black Mambas and Mambas Import & Export. Black Mambas are the largest hemp conglomerate in South America.

How to extract Jwh-018 from bonsai fertilizer

My understanding is that JWH-018 is only rarely found in the form of a resin. In fact, there are no products in the US where JWH-018 can be obtained without being placed in a resin or wax form. There is, however, a unique resin that I’ve just come across, which includes JWH-018.

Let me explain. It turns out that some bonsai collectors who harvest their own bonsai plants will combine them with the same green bonsai fertilizer that the plant was originally placed with in order to encourage the tree to develop new buds. So, essentially, if you grow a plant from a mature bonsai, it should only be supplied with a green bonsai fertilizer. It should never receive JWH-018 or any other form of chemical.


Until now, you’ve learned how to buy JWH-018 online and how to remove its psychotropic compounds. But there’s still the small matter of extracting the drug from the containers used to ship the fertilizer to you. This is definitely one of those advanced methods and not something you’re likely to discover accidentally. JWH-018 (also called 2C-B-FLY) is a synthetic cannabinoid that is a substitute for THC. Unlike THC, it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. But that doesn’t mean it has no potential for the opposite kind of effect. When ingested, JWH-018 causes users to feel a great deal of euphoria and other powerful effects. This makes it a very popular drug to use recreationally.

how to extract jwh 018 from bonsai fertilizer

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How to extract jwh 018 from bonsai fertilizer

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How to extract jwh-018 from bonsai fertilizer

How to extract jwh-018 from bonsai fertilizer

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