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MXiPr (Methoxisopropamine, Isopropyloxetamine) is a dissociative designer drug used for recreational purposes. It is an arylcyclohexylamine derivative, similar to ketamine and methoxetamine. It was discovered in Slovenia in December 2020, and it was made illegal in Hungary in April 2021. It is available for purchase at Rcchemsupply. Buy MXiPr

3-MeO-2′-Oxo-PCiPr for sale

There is very little data on the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of MXIPR in its short history of human use. Toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational use of MXIPr do not appear to have been studied in a scientific context, and the exact toxic dosages are unknown. There are currently 0 testimonials describing the effects of these substances on our Experience Index.

MxIPR hydrochloride is a brand new dissociative that belongs to the class of hallucinogens. There is not much information on this, but the Psychonaut Wiki is a useful source of information on how MXPRs converge, structure, and behave.

Buy MXiPr

MXIPR is pleased to announce the free publication of the Hydroxychloride (3-MEO-2-oxo-PCIPR). This is a new arylcyclohexylamine drug with dissociative properties. It combines all our expanded aryLcycloHexylamine molecules with these properties.

Mxipr Hydrochloride

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Mxipr Hydrochloride MxIPR hydrochloride (3-MeO-2-oxo-PCPR) is a new arylcyclohexylamine medicine with dissociative properties. It is brand new in dissociation and belongs to the class of hallucinogens. Nep-N-ethylpentedrone (N-ethyl-pentedrone) is the new designer chemical cathinone in the amphetamine class. 2f ketamine MEX was developed in part in an effort to avoid urotoxicity associated with ketamine abuse, […]

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