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JWH-210 is a novel compound detected in marijuana alternatives with a high binding affinity to the central cannabinoid (CB1) receptor (Ki = 0.46-0.03 nm). JWH 210 is an n-5 hydroxy pentyl metabolite and is expected to be the metabolite of JWH-210 that can be detected in serum and urine. jwh 210 for sale
Compared to other cannabinoids it has a 20 times higher affinity to CB1 than JWH-073 and 100 times higher than D9-THC, and it reproduces a strong tetrad of effects in rodents (nausea, seizures, and cardiovascular impairments) and in humans (Dogan et al., 2016; Hermanns-Clausen et al., 2016; Tait et al., 2016). Given that these drugs cause severe poisoning in humans, including death, we investigated the behavioral and pharmacokinetic profiles of JWH 073 and JWH 210 compared to D9-THC in rats.

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