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What does 3-Me-PCPY feel like?

Very similar to 3-Me-PCP. If you’ve ever smoked PCP, you know how it makes you feel. Very similar to 3-Me-PCP. If you’ve ever smoked PCP, you know how it makes you feel. You may have had the feeling of wanting to dance and have fun that only PCP can bring. Maybe you will be able to come out of a bad LSD trip with some of that warm feeling. What does 3-Me-PCPY feel like?

3-Me-PCP is about 3x as strong as PCP. You may have also seen other people being administered it by an IV in a hospital setting, and having it only makes them feel drowsy, with no extra effects. So we are hoping that this gives some relief to people that cannot find any other legal products on the market that can help them. 3-Me-PCP is very potent. This is because it has been bred with the 2C family of psychedelics. What does 3-Me-PCPY feel like?

How do you take 3-Me-PCPY?

3-Me-PCPy is available in pills, on blotter, or as a solution in methanol. I would like to buy some PCPy Neat! Sell it to me! Let’s hope the trippers out there love it as much as the anti-weeders. This will of course depend on the potency of 3-Me-PCPY.

But you will have to treat it very responsibly or go to jail! Or both! People have definitely reacted in very strange ways to this drug, including seizures, blacking out, and death. I’m not kidding! The first two paragraphs of this wikipedia article are dedicated to PCPy, so I guess it really is an extraordinary substance! How can I buy 3-Me-PCPY pills? Yes! Currently, it is available to buy on this website

3-Me-PCPY is the IUPAC name for 3-Me-PCPY. It is the IUPAC name for 3-Me-PCPY. 3-Me-PCP-PCPy was first synthesized by Jain and coworkers but is now the drug most widely used for PCP research. It has a very similar molecule structure and pharmacological properties to 3-Me-PCP, but differs in that PCPy contains 3 instead of 2 stereoisomers of 3-methylcyclohexylcyclohexylpiperidine (MeCCHCP). 3-Me-PCP-PCPy is a very potent dissociative anesthetic, similar to PCP. 3-Me-PCPY is an analog of PCP-PCPy that can be formulated as either salt or as a water-soluble solution. It has very slightly more euphoric than pure PCP, and slightly less dissociative than pure PCP.