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sedative etizolam (brand name of Mellaril) is sold as a powder that is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach. However, it is not clear how this powder affects a person. Some users suggest that this tablet is easy to abuse because it can easily be crushed and sprinkled in the food. The drug causes anxiety and dizziness and causes this person to have trouble concentrating and speaking clearly. Etizolam powder supplier

These side effects can occur during the first few weeks of using etizolam powder and increase after long-term use. The dose of etizolam that is recommended for short-term use is only two tablets for the first few weeks. This tablet contains only 30mg of etizolam. After several weeks, these tablets can be taken every four hours as prescribed by a physician. Visit us:

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Etizolam is a benzodiazepine analog. This is the same class of drugs as Valium, Xanax, and Librium. The difference with etizolam is that it has a shorter half-life than other benzodiazepines. This means that it can be taken more often. Etizolam powder can be used for any condition that would normally require Valium or any other benzodiazepine.