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The Ultimate Guide to 4-AcO-DMT (4-Acetoxy-DMT, 4-AcO, Psilacetin, O-Acetylpsilocin, Synthetic shrooms)

4-AcO-DMT (4-Acetoxy-DMT, 4-AcO, Psilacetin, O-Acetylpsilocin, Synthetic shrooms) is a novel synthetic psychedelic. It is chemically similar to psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and has similar effects to psilocybin mushrooms, although with a milder intensity and longer duration. It is commonly available as succinate salt and is usually found as small white crystals or powder.

What Is 4-Acetoxy-DMT?

4-Acetoxy-DMT, more commonly known as 4-AcO-DMT, is a synthetic psychedelic drug that belongs to the tryptamine class. It is chemically similar to psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, and produces similar effects. 4-AcO-DMT is a Schedule I drug in the United States, meaning that it is considered to have a high potential for abuse and no legitimate medical uses.

Where To Buy 4-Acetoxy-DMT |

4-AcO-DMT is a synthetic compound that is closely related to DMT, psilocybin, and psilocin. It is sold as a white powder and can be ingested, smoked, or vaporized. 4-AcO-DMT is not a controlled substance in the United States, but it is a Schedule I drug in Canada. This means that it is illegal to possess, produce, or distribute without a license. Despite this, 4-AcO-DMT is widely available on the internet. The best place to buy 4-AcO-DMT is, where you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

What Are The Effects Of 4-AcO-DMT?

4-Acetoxy-DMT produces similar effects to psilocybin mushrooms, although they are reportedly less intense. The effects can be described as euphoric, mind-altering, and often spiritual. Many users report visuals such as colors being more vibrant, objects appearing to be warped, and patterns forming in the air. 4-AcO-DMT can also result in profound changes in perception, mood, and thought processes. It’s important to note that the effects of 4-AcO-DMT can vary significantly from person to person, so it’s important to start with a low dose and increase gradually if needed.

 Side Effects of 4-AcO-DMT

When it comes to 4-Acetoxy-DMT, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects. This includes anxiety, nausea, dizziness, and headache. In some cases, users may also experience panic attacks and paranoia. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone may react differently to 4-AcO-DMT, so it’s important to start with a low dose and increase gradually. If you experience any negative side effects, discontinue use and seek medical help.

 How to take 4-AcO-DMT

Your experience with 4-AcO-DMT will depend on how you take it. The most common ways to take it are orally and sublingually. When you take it orally, you’ll need to swallow it with water. For sublingual use, you’ll want to place it under your tongue and let it dissolve. Some people also like to vape it, but it’s important to note that this can be a more intense experience. Be sure to read up on the dosage before you try it. And always start with a lower dose and work your way up if you want to experiment with higher doses.

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4-Acetoxy-DMT, also known as O-Acetylpsilocin (Psilacetin), is a synthetically produced psychoactive drug and has been suggested by David Nichols to be a potentially useful alternative to psilocybin for pharmacological studies, as they are both believed to be prodrugs of psilocin. It is the acetate ester of 4-HO-DMT (psilocin).