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Flakka or gravel drug is one of several catherine-based drugs made in China and sold by small drug gangs in the US, and the business can be lucrative. Hall said that with a small investment of a few thousand dollars, a dealer can get away with up to $75,000. Hall added that there have been recent reports of designer drugs marketed as flakka in Ohio, Houston, and Florida. He said designer drugs such as flakka were not pure, meaning customers and distributors did not know what was in the product. Hall also said there were a total of 126 reported deaths related to synthetic cathinones in Florida in 2013. [Sources: 8]

Apart from a brief period in the early 1980s when kathinone was identified as a natural herbal product with the potential for abuse, there has been little scientific interest in kathinone and kathinonone analogies in the past. For a few years, the scientific literature on cathinones, their related analogies, aminopropiophenones, and chains of extended derivatives (often referred to as “synthetic cathinone”) was meager, manageable, and presented an interesting but incomplete story. There was a second wave of interest in the early 1990s, when methcathinone (N-methylcATHinone, MCAT) was identified as a potential drug with abuse problems and classified as a Class I substance by the US government. [Sources: 1]


What is the drug called gravel?

It is important to note that while other cathinones have been found mixed with MDMA, a positive test result for MDMA does not mean that the substance is unadulterated. When the substance contains MDMA, the marquis and tonsil reagents turn black. If eutylon shows the characteristic cathinone reaction, the reagents tested will be orange or yellow and change to marquis (mud green) or brown (almond). [Sources: 9]

Mephedrone (also known as 4-methyl methcathinone, 4-MMC or 4-methylephedrone) is a synthetic stimulant of the amphetamine and cathinone classes. It comes in the form of tablets or powders that users swallow, sniff or inject to achieve similar effects to MDMA, amphetamines, and cocaine. It is made in China and is similar to cathinone found in the khat plant in East Africa. what is gravel drug? [Sources: 2]

One festival-goer said he was among a group of about 40 people affected by the same batch. He said it was tested for MDMA five times in a drug test at home and several people were hospitalized after being shaken, vomiting, experiencing panic attacks, hallucinating, and unable to control their bodies or talk to anyone around them. Know your way around: Supplies of Kathinon have been shown in different forms across the country. [Sources: 6]


Since the mid-2000s, unregulated ring-substituted cathinone derivatives have appeared on the European and American recreational drug markets. These drugs claim to have similar effects to cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA and ecstasy, but little is known about their detailed pharmacology. The most common synthetic cathinones sold on the recreational market until 2011 appeared to be 3-4-methylene dioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), mephedrone, and methylone. The latter two are most commonly found in pure white or brown powder. [Sources: 2]

Law enforcement and community activists have been instrumental in limiting the harm caused by the dangerous effects of the drugs. Most reports since Flakka (2016) have come from other similar chemicals in the bath salt family. There were no “flakka” reports until 2016. [Sources: 4]

While the term “synthetic cathinone” is relatively new, the misuse of synthetic cathinones is a relatively recent problem, as research on cathinone analogies goes back more than 100 years. One of the structural elements of these analogies is the common aminophenone movement. The introduction of amine and aryl substituents has produced a large number of active substances. [Sources: 1]

The proportion of primary synthetic cathinone users receiving special drug treatment for the first time is not monitored in Hungary but is estimated to be around 20% in 2012 (Peterfi et al., 2014), with a slight increase in 2013 (Hungarian National Focal Point, 2014). [Sources: 3]


In the Swedish town of Vasteras, an increasing number of cases of poisoning requiring admission to the hospital’s emergency department led to further investigations into the phenomenon. It showed that 76% of cases were associated with the use of kathinone and MDPV, 95% of which occurred in chronic drug users with hepatitis C virus (HCV), a positive signal for drug injections (Lindeman et al., 2012). [Sources: 3]

Eutylone is an amphetamine-like substance (ATS) sold as ecstasy. Police today identified 20 suspected imports of eutylons and seized 400 liters (GBL). This has a combined street value of over $5 million and a social damage index of over $30 million. [Sources: 0]

A recent survey of customers at the Spanish Harm Reduction Centre in Barcelona highlighted the use of synthetic cathinone (4-MEC) among their customers. In the survey, 46% of clients reported using a new psychoactive substance for the rest of their lives (e.g. 4-mec in combination with heroin), and more than half of the users had injected the substance. An analysis of urine samples showed that 4-MEC was used in 20% of the test samples (Aranda et al., 2014). [Sources: 3]

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Doctor Who Bade said he hopes the study will help governments identify which designer drugs are most dangerous to the community. A designer drug called mephedrone, whose street name is Cat Meow-Meow, has been found in Australia and New Zealand after being used on New Year’s Eve. A new drug called eutylon, found in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the Netherlands. In 2020, warnings were issued about the drug’s toxicity and that high doses can be dangerous. [Sources: 7]

It appears that the majority of methylone use occurs in people who abuse MDMA and bath salts. Many people who use the drug belong to the younger age group between 12 and 24. The DEA suggests that reported methylene abuse, such as hospital visits, may be underestimated because many users of the drug believe they are using ecstasy or other drugs. Formulations of the drug can be purchased in local party shops, gas stations, major stores and on the Internet. [Sources: 5]

In general, methylone abuse is expected to lead to syndromes associated with substance use disorders. Abuse of the drug can lead to the development of a formal substance use disorder, as people begin to feel the negative effects of their drug use. [Sources: 5]















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