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What are 5f-MDMB-2201 and What Are the Side Effects?

5F-MDMB-220 are Synthetic cannabinoid, also known as Synthetic Cannabis or Fake Weed is a generic term for plant-based substances that replicate the effects of cannabis. It is not produced by the cannabis plant, but by research chemicals companies in China and East Asia. Many of these chemicals are derivatives of cathinone, an amphetamine-like substance found naturally in the khat plant. Sellers will often advertise and label these compounds as incense or potpourri, though they arrive at consumers’ mailboxes as a powdery white substance labelled “not for human consumption“.Our products include all types of Research Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Steroids. If you are looking for something specific and do not see it on our site, just contact us and we will find it for you.

What is 5f-MDMB-2201

5F-MDMB-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid designed by Dr Olafstoesser of Drexel University, Philadelphia. It is a designer drug that has both plant (edible) and synthetic (synthetic) properties. This drug is most similar to 2C-B with regard to the effects it has, but it lacks the ability to function as an agonist. This synthetic cannabinoid is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Taking the 5F-MDMB-2201 before you would normally eat your cannabis is thought to reduce the high feeling. However, this low dose is still very potent. However, as with any synthetic cannabinoid, 5F-MDMB-2201 produces a wide range of effects. When it is acting as a cannabinoid it mimics the effects of the plant (edible) cannabis and the mechanism of action is the same.

What are the Side Effects 5f-MDMB-2201?

Very high potency of the substance. However, this does not necessarily lead to severe or immediate effects. Side effects of 5cl-ADB-a and 5f-MDMB-2201 are restricted to the user. However, one or two can be very painful and problematic for the user. However, these are mostly of a psychological nature. What is 5f-MDMB-2201 and What are the worst side effects of 5f-MDMB-2201 and 5f-MDMB-2201 for sale are the analogues of the popular 5f, but have a very high rate of failure. This is because it has a very high chance of either being hydrolyzed into MMB or simply fission into MMB itself. This fact alone greatly increases the rate of toxicity in the user. One or two people have been known to eat very large doses of 5f and some of them have suffered severe side effects, which were initially considered to be due to poisoning.

What are the Risks of Abuse of 5f-MDMB-2201?

Larger doses of 5f-MDMB-2201 are considered potentially dangerous, however, risk depends on the amount of 5f-MDMB-2201 ingested and a number of factors including how much 5f-MDMB-2201 was used and the individual’s mental health history. The most serious and life-threatening side effects include seizures, psychosis, psychosis, a psychotic episode and increased risk of death due to excessive toxicity, according to the FDA. WARNING: Abuse of analogues such as 5F-MDMB-2201 may result in severe psychological or physical dependence with severe withdrawal symptoms including seizures, psychosis, and psychosis.

Where can I Order 5f-MDMB-2201?

Order 5f-MDMB-2201 online from by Clicking Here. Where can I contact Please Visit Our Contact Page For Your Questions. Product Description Manufacturer 5F Advantages of 5F “This product has been developed through our extensive on the ground experience in researching and creating world-class, pure, safe and potent THC products.” (5F CEO) This product is created from the finest natural ingredients including 2nd Nature Naturals (UK) who are the best in the industry, 99% purity natural THC, organic humectants (used to keep the THC in the flavour) and air pollution-free. The name 5F is a statement to show that this product is pure and it is nothing like what we have before. 5F is a new-age of pure THC product.

5f-MDMB-2201 is a synthetic cannabinoid with similar effects to PMA. Some consumers believe that it is less harmful or less addictive than other similar compounds, but more research is needed to understand the health effects and potential side effects.

5F-MDMB-2201 is a potent agonist of the G protein-coupled receptor 55 (GPR55). It acts as an agonist at the cannabinoid receptors. Its affinity for the CB1 receptor is about 7 times lower than that of THC, whereas its affinity to the CB2 receptor is about 20 times lower than that of THC.

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