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Research chemicals shop Deutschland

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Research chemicals shop Deutschland

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Research chemicals shop Deutschland

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Research chemicals shop Deutschland

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Research Chemicals Shop Deutschland

We have one of the best directories of legal research chemicals available on the Internet. Due to the continuous changes in EU legislation on various chemicals, we would like to inform you that it is your responsibility to check whether the products you order are imported into your country. 

The term “research chemicals” has probably been encountered many times while surfing the Internet. Here is a list of all research chemicals we offer for sale. You will find answers to all your questions and know exactly where to buy them.

Research Chemical supply

Founded in late 2009. is a prominent leader in the research chemicals market and has a reputation as one of the most trusted and popular providers of new and cutting-edge research chemicals and offers exciting opportunities to deepen your understanding of the pharmacology, properties, and effects of a variety of synthesized products. The chemicals used in research into the development of new drugs and the mechanisms of action of certain molecules are known as research chemicals. However, their properties are not well studied and there is no substantial information about many of them.

Our helpdesk and support staff can help you select the right research chemicals for your studies. is one of the few companies in the market for research chemicals that offers all these compounds. At you can buy research chemicals from all chemical classes on our website.

The Internet appears to offer many advantages to NPS providers: it gives access to a large number of potential users, suppliers do not require a large upfront investment, and maintains a certain degree of anonymity. Our investigation identified 12 different websites where customers could buy amphetamine online.

This study was based on a thorough qualitative analysis of psychonaut forums and social media to evaluate not only the molecules mentioned by NPS enthusiasts but also Users “understanding of the pharmacological properties of these molecules. It was interesting that the NPS molecules described here were only a few months before the outbreak of the pandemic notice by the editors, and further studies combined the use of web crawlers with social listening data to identify drug scenarios and changes. The entry of new and potent NPS into the pharmaceutical market is a clear cause for concern.

A similar approach has been used by research groups in other studies ]. The content of the qualitative analysis was conducted on Reddit [30], a web-based platform that organizes topic forums known as subreddits where discussions are considered threads. The legal definition used was adopted by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA).

The term “new” refers not only to synthesized substances but also to the wide range of products available on the illicit drugs market. Many NPS were synthesized and patented for research purposes decades ago but their chemistry and synthesis processes were rediscovered and modified to produce effects similar to known illegal substances.

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